Thursday, November 27, 2014

Transformation is not a Part Time Job

When I decided that I was stuck in a rut, I started to look for ways to affect a positive change in my life. I went at it from all angles and with the aid of a life coach, started to regularly envision and document the life that I wanted to lead in the future.

This daily work laid the foundation for incredible transformation inside of me. As I look back now I am in awe of the strides I have made, and I am grateful that I took the time to put self-growth on the top of my priority list.

What I gradually realised is that transformation is a constant process and that there will never come a time when my journey will be complete.

That realisation frightened me. The changes I had been making at a gazelle pace seemed to much to keep up with on a long term basis. There was only so much that I wanted to tackle all at once, but yet the more I worked on myself, the more of myself needed work.

I felt like a shackled-out patch-work doll.

Events from my past that I didn't want to deal with kept coming to the fore and so withdrew from the process of active change altogether.

When I finally started back on my self-work, I went in knowing that it couldn't be half-assed; I could not take on this work part-time, I needed to devote myself to the process whole-heartedly.

I implemented new habits that would support my change gradually. Doing this allowed the changes to happen at a more sedate pace, but when they did happen, they stuck.

No longer was my success fleeting, it was meaningful and lasting.

If you want to make progress in your life goals, know that you have to go all in. A Full Monty life requires your complete dedication, know also however that you don't have to rush either.

My advice is to start small, start now and be consistent.


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