Saturday, November 22, 2014

Money is Energy

I first noticed that money is more energy than something simply material when I paid closer attention to how it made me feel. On any given day money can make me worry, feel hopeful or depressed; I can go from feeling well placed and in control to the illusion that I am tumbling head over heels and catching at straws.

In all of this, the currency itself never changes. What changes though is its effect on me and by extension its effects on other around me. When it is generally perceived that money is tight or hard to come by in a peer group, the very mention of it can cause a ripple of muted despair to spread through the room.

People often have lots of money woes and will speak of them with a little nudging. Money is the thing that we are love to hate. We gripe about how much of it we have or don't have as the case maybe.

I have witnessed people who make 5 times as much as I do, worry and fret over money.

When you pay for an item, you are exchanging the physical representation of someone's time and effort.

When you hand over money, you automatically have less money, but the total amount of money in the world has not changed. What this means to me is that they will always be more money.

It flows like a cycle, in and out of your hands and if you mismanage it, the money may feel to not to coming in as fast as it is going out. One thing is for sure though, worrying about money does not make this cycle move any faster.

Given that money is energy, you can attract more of it by opening yourself up to its particular frequency. One easy way to spend more time at your main job. Another way is to look for additional streams of income by getting additional work or starting a side business.

You can also use investing to attract more money into your wallet, by putting money itself to work.

However choose to you do it manually, the number one tool you can use to attract money into your life is your attitude. If you are in a mindset of lack and constant need, your flow of money will mimic that.

If you teach yourself to have a mindset of abundance, your energy will naturally attract more of the same.

It may seem all too spectacular for you, but if you think about it, you will realise that worrying about a thing, never made it better. Taking positive action and moving forward in faith does.

Seeing money as energy, allowed me to demystify it. I tackle my worry from the root, and I take a positive stance to all of my challenges. I am now in the driver's seat and my abundance train is chugging along.

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