Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Learning to Embrace My Flightiness

I know what I want
Or maybe perhaps I don't
When will I decide?

The more I plan, the more I change my plans and this seems to be true no what what decisions I am trying to make. I don't know if it is apparent to anyone else, but it always feels like I coming up with the next great scheme.
However wonderful I proposed this new approach to be, it only feels relevant for about three weeks before I overhaul it completely and do something else.

This shows up a lot in my budgeting. I am constantly changing my categories, rearranging the allocations and coming up with new strategies. I often wonder if I am actually moving forward or simply stuck in mud, spinning my wheels in a spectacular fashion and making a really big mess of everything.

I started out 2014 with lots of big plans. I thought I would be making more money by now and have more benefits as well but I was merely counting my eggs before they were hatched.


When it became clear that no raise was forthcoming, I redid my plans and came up with a new set of goals that should have been attainable. I was very satisfied with the plan in the moment, but as my life took unexpected turns my priorities shifted.
I suddenly had new expenses that I never even dreamed of that had to be factored in.

While for some it is enough to adapt and keep the original as true to form as possible, I restart completely.It is a demolition of the old and then a rebuilding of the new out of the rubble.

I was ashamed of this for a while, and wondered if I was really budgeting at all if I was being so very flexible. Then, I had a reality check. My new plans were always more realistic and they always worked better for me.

 I wasn't spinning in circles, I was upgrading and evovling and for me that is a rapid process.


I finally embraced my air-sign nature. I am like the wind; when I get a new idea, I put all of my passion and force behind it and most of the times I leave the previous incarnation in my dust.

Embracing this allowed me to come up with ways to naturally find balance. I determined that I would save a set amount of money ensuring that those dollars were safe from the winds of change that sweep through the rest of my budget. This gave me a foundation for my financial house and ensured that even while I was constantly adapting, I was still steadily moving forward.

I can now harness that power of maximum flexibility to bend like a reed in the force life's winds, which are a lot more unpredictable than my own inner storm.

Have you made peace with your quirks and made an effort to see the benefit in them?

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