Friday, November 28, 2014

The Bajan Minimalist Part 1

What is minimalist?

A minimalist, practices minimalism.

Okay, so what is minimalism?

Minimalism in modern day usage speaks to a movement to move away from materialism and own as few items as possible. Minimalists only keep items that they need, cutting out anything extra. 

Part One: The Great Purge

Over the last six months I cut the number items that I own in half, with more items scheduled to go. As a result of this process, my mind felt less cluttered and cleaning was easier, which helped with my dust allergies.

I got started with this paring down, when a woman on the YNAB forums mentioned a challenge where you try to get rid of at least 496 items in one month.
I had a room shock full of yarn, unused clothing and books, this challenge seemed like the kick start I needed to get down to work.

I poked around the blog where she got the idea, but their style of extreme minimalism seemed to be too much for me. I just wanted my storage room to be clean and clutter-free.

As I went through the process, a fire was lit inside of me, and I powered through the Minimalist game finishing well ahead of schedule. I extended the de-cluttering to my shared bedroom since time was still left in the month.

I was able to re purpose the storage room as a bedroom for myself, and gifting myself my own pace has been on the best things to come out of this challenge.

In the end I threw away, donated or gifted 527 items.

I am in the process of de-cluttering but  this final round is proving to be the most difficult because any items that remain at this point had survived the previous cuts.

I am finding that I have several different types of attachments to these items:

  • I had spent quite a bit of money on the item and giving it away or throwing it away felt like I was condemning my past purchases.
  • In other cases, the item had been gifted to me by a friend or family member and I felt guilty giving it to someone else.
  • And lastly, the item was connected to a memory that I did not what to let go of even though it was no longer serving me.

Getting rid of any items that fall in the above categories takes a lot mental fortitude but I am determined to finish this journey. I hope to make a lasting change in my relationship with my possessions.

In the past I would go into frenzy of cleaning and organizing but in the end things never seemed to be any different. This time I recognized what was missing by exploring the concept of minimalism more thoroughly.

It wasn't enough just to get rid of my old things, I had to stop buying new things as well. That in it self was a whole 'nother matter.

Stayed tuned in part two were I expound more on my evolution into a minimalist. :)


  1. I believe I'm one of the beneficiaries of your minimalist activities, and I thank you! I've shared on a number of lovely craft and art related items to people who are using them. So you did a good thing for them as well as for you.

    1. It makes me happy to know that my things are in good homes. Thank you for your help in that regard. :)

  2. Just recently came across your blog, Really appreciate it, Both as a Barbadian and a person also developing a minimalist mindset and habit for optimal living. Great stuff, keep it up.