Monday, January 12, 2015

A Closer Look at My Life Coaching Journey

When I first started to want to hire a life coach for myself I wasn't quite sure what to expect so I am not surprised that one of my readers asked me to go a little bit more in-depth into my experience.

Life coaching may be presented differently by various coaches but the premise is that coaches guide you to where you want to go. For me this statement has two key parts, the first being that they are guiding you and the second that you have to pick your destination.

To this end my very first session was one focused on me choosing my destination. My life coach from My Empowerment My Way, Ayesha Nura let me pour my heart out about what were my major worries at the time. It felt good to be able to admit to someone that my job was not fulfilling me and that I had truly hit a wall in my life and I couldn't see beyond it.

Once I had gotten all of that off of my chest, Ayesha lead me through a guided meditation during which I allowed myself to see my perfect future. She prompted me to think on various areas of my future life such as what job I was doing, where did I live, how I dressed and more importantly how I felt. I mentioned briefly before that my ability to envision my future was a bit stunted so the images took a while to start to form in mind but I was eventually able to relax and make the most of the exercise..

After this meditation, I shared it with her, as I will now share it with you so you can get an idea of what was the destination I was choosing to go to.

"I saw myself happy and smiling, I had a motorcycle and I lived in a place that made me feel comfortable. I saw myself counselling people financially but I also saw that I was still wearing my ATC uniform at times but even then I was also happy. The had a strong sense of having everything that I needed or wanted at the time. I also felt completely safe."

From this meditation Ayesha drew two of my most powerful and comforting personal affirmations:

"I am my refuge."

"In this place I have everything."

Ayesha also asked me to believe that I has all of the knowledge I needed to start counselling people right away, instead of waiting for a vague tomorrow. To aid me with this she added another affirmation.

"I move forward with confidence knowing that I have sage wisdom behind me,"

In addition to prescribing the above affirmations, she asked me to repeat the meditation on my own and a daily basis and to write out what came to be in the visions.

I left that session with my homework and with a challenge. She asked me to believe in myself and to put some actions behind my thoughts. I was to recite the affirmations everyday and at first they felt silly but as I did them they became ingrained into my thought patterns. When I had a negative thought or feeling, I would shift it with one of these positive statements.

As I got more comfortable doing the meditation I was able to expanded my vision of my future, I started to ask myself what was holding me back from making some of these things I was seeing a reality now. This I believe is the real magic in the exploration phase of a life rebuilding journey. It came sharply into focus for me that was the main thing holding myself back for having the experiences, emotions and feelings that I craved.

This was the foundation of my journey from feeling depressed and lost, to being in control of my destiny. By replacing my negative thoughts with positive ones and by gradually taking note of the things I could implement in my life right away I grew in confidence.

I started to de-clutter my home and make it into a place were I felt comfortable and safe. I rearranged my furniture and moved into a different room and set up my bedroom there. I started to take on demo coaching clients and I found that I really enjoyed helping people put their finances in order.

Other changes I made was that I started to spend more time at the beach, subsequently I taught myself to swim and snorkel, and I made my vision of spending time with my friends at the beach a reality. As each of these things happened, it gave me to confidence to implement the more and more changes.

I believe that the experience of Life Coaching came to me at the right time. I was eager for a change and so I put in the needed work. The tools that Ayesha gave me are powerless without having the courage to take the initiative.


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  1. This is interesting. Thank you! I didn't know how a life coach and client got started, and now I know a lot more.