Friday, January 2, 2015

5 Quick Tips for Making Decisions

Making decisions is an inevitable part of our lives. We are called upon constantly to give an opinion, to make choices and to pick a plan of action. Indecisiveness and worry can make decision-making a very painful process; this can lead to missed opportunities or hastily made choices that lead to regrets.

Ideally we want to master making decisions that we are completely happy with. This includes being fully engaged with the outcome and following through with our choices.

I was motivated to write this post because it is the start of  a New Year, and that represents endless opportunities and possibilities. Being sure that you make the best decisions can put you the driver's seat instead of feeling like you are playing catch up.

Here we go:

1) Give yourself space.

Don't allow yourself to make a decision when you feel rushed. Take a deep breath and calm yourself down so that you have a clear mind.

2) Think but Don't Over-think

Weigh the pros and cons of the situation but be succinct. Keep your thoughts streamlined and don't allow yourself to be side tracked. You can jot down the pros and cons in a notebook if you are struggling with over-thinking.

3) Tune in to your Gut

If a situation feels off to you and you find yourself hesitating on a decision, it could be that your intuition is telling you to take deeper look. Trusting you gut reaction is a great way to cut through to the heart of the issue. If you don't feel that the situation is okay, then it probably isn't.

4)Push Pass Worry

If you want to say yes but you are feeling bogged down by your fears and doubts, this the time to check in with yourself. If you find that you are coming up with lots of baseless or far-fetched reasons why you shouldn't go ahead, put them aside and mindfully take the next step. Do not let worry hold you back, unless it is founded in a real concern.

5) No Buts, Ifs or Maybes, only Yes or No.

When you find yourself half in instead of all in. You should have said no. It pays to be fully present in a situation; don't say yes to keep someone from feeling hurt. You will hurt them more if they pick up on your apathy or disinterest. Honour yourself and the other party, and say no to thing that you don't truly want.

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