Monday, December 15, 2014

So I Hired a Life Coach

When hitting a milestone in my ATC career did little to fill me with joy or passion I knew that I had a problem. Much to my dismay, the career that I had worked diligently at for the last five years left me feeling empty and cold.

In my search for another way of  being, I was lead to the page of Ayesha Nura, owner of 'My Empowerment My Way'. Although the concept on life coaching was new to me I felt myself attracted to it, however I was full of misgivings.

I solicited opinions from other peers and their responses varied wildly, I realised quickly that if I wanted to do this, I would have to come to that decision all on my own. I put my toe in the water by signing up for a workshop that Ayesha was scheduled to hold in March and we set up a meeting to talk.

As fate would have it our wires got crossed a bit and we ended up meeting in the middle of a long road, in the hot blazing sun. When I saw a bronzed goddess wearing a wrap skirt come running towards me, I knew this had to be she.

We embraced and headed into the cool, my heart was racing in my chest and I was full of misgivings, but I followed my gut and we launched right into our first session then and there. It was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made in life.

In that session Ayesha guided me to unleash my dreams and simply allow myself to imagine an alternate reality in which I had already achieved everything that my heart desired. This was very difficult for me because I had beat down my imagination so much that I struggled to allow it to bloom.

Though I didn't have much to go on, we were able to start from there and build a foundation and in the months that have followed, I have gained the ability to stand on that foundation and start raising the walls. My refuge is by no means completed but I have stepped into my power, and taken control of the reigns of my destiny.

How did this transformation from emptiness to active co-creation happen?

Ayesha issued me the challenge of making myself my most sacred project. She asked the hard questions that I would keep dodging in my own mind  the most important of which was the key: "Why not start building that reality you dream of right now?"

Ayesha guided me from the space of being merely a dreamer to a builder by supplying me with a toolbox of tried and tested techniques which allowed me to weave those wisps of imagination into my reality.

Every session provided a sounding board and a mirror for my current progress and the inevitable new ideas that would be unearthed by my work. Ayesha proved to be a source of undying enthusiasm for my success and even when it felt like I had no faith in myself, her excitement in the progress I had already made, gave me a push to keep on trying.

One of Ayesha's greatest gifts is seeing through the haze of self-doubt that you cast around your own feelings and desires and challenging you to stop bullshitting yourself.

My experience is that life coaching gives you back as much as you put into it. It isn't a magic pill that you take which makes everything better. The process involves putting in 110 percent effort to push on. You must be ready to fight for your dreams, even if the adversaries are your family, friends or even yourself.

I can say without reservation that hiring Ayesha has given me the edge that I needed to stop wallowing in the mud and instead slog through it at my own pace, slowly but surely always moving forward.

Through working with Ayesha I have gained a fresh perspective on life. I now look back on my past with eyes looking for lessons, view my present with the gaze of contentment and self-acceptance and see my future through the looking glass of endless possibilities.


  1. Can you tell us a bit more? how long ago did you start with her? I'd like to understand this in a context.